North Beach Basement Remodel

This charming 1937 North Beach cottage had seen some good - and bad -upgrades over the years.  Now it was time for us to add to the mix!  Working within a limited budget, we were able to take a half-finished basement with a space-hogging gas furnace and convert it into a family room; a two-person home office; a laundry nook with drop-down ironing board; a bedroom with a walk-in closet; a bathroom with a big walk-in shower; and a sauna.  We replaced the gas furnace with an exterior heat pump and installed two mini split heads upstairs to heat and cool the house. Upstairs, we tore out a 1990's-era entertainment center that occupied one whole corner of the living room (do you remember how big TVs used to be?) and replaced it with a spacious niche, reclaiming precious square footage.  Design by N&R Construction: NRC HOMES and photography by Vicaso Real Estate Photography.

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