Cottages, Garage Conversions, & Granny Flats

This slideshow is a grab-bag of images of backyard cottages, mother-in-law apartments, and garage conversions that we've done, often as parts of larger projects. DADUs ("Detached Accessory Dwelling Units") and ADUs ("Accessory Dwelling Units") are being used more and more in Seattle. They can be stand-alone, like this backyard cottage seen here, or contained within the footprint of a larger home, like this first-floor mother-in-law apartment. We've also included some spaces -- the exercise room carved out of a garage and the home offices and sauna tucked away in attics and basements -- that are supporting players to the family's main living spaces. Architecture and design by Daniel UmbachBoard & Vellum,  and N&R Construction: NRC Homes and photography by John G Wilbanks and Vicaso Real Estate Photography.

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